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Welcome - Community Rheumatology Service

The Community Rheumatology Service includes a multidisciplinary team of Extended scope physiotherapists, GP’s with specialist interest, Rheumatology Nurse specialists, and Academic rheumatology consultants.  

We have Xray and community ultrasound facilities and support research nurses.

Most importantly, for patients with long term conditions you will be offered an appointment in the nurse led clinic at the health centre nearest to where you live.

The Community Rheumatology Service has three main aims:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of Early inflammatory arthritis and other common rheumatological conditions.
  2. Education and intensive treatment of inflammatory arthritis flexed and delivered locally in the community.
  3. To support and promote primary care rheumatology research and education.

Patient Information GP Information

If you are a new or current patient of the Rheumatology service - use this are to find more information on how we can care for you.

If you are a GP wanting to use the Rheumatology service - use this area to find more information on how we can help you and your patients.


Rheumatology Service

Tel: 0121 250 1593

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Enki Medical

Lyng Centre

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